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#ProudTenant – Positivity in spite of adversity

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In preparation for #HousingDay, I asked Housing officers if they knew of residents who inspire them and would be good examples of a #proudtenant.

One member of staff thought of one straight away as he is indeed a #proudtenant, taking pride in his home and remaining positive and motivated in the face of adversity and ill health.

I called the tenant and I explained about #HousingDay #Proudtenant to him. Having worked in IT and social media himself, he was very happy to talk about his circumstances to help dispel the myths and stereotypical perception of social housing tenants.

Leaving it all behind

wooden clockI’ve abbreviated this story somewhat and protected his identity at his request but it was a delight to talk to him and his warmth and humility came across clearly even over the phone.

For background’s sake, life became complicated for Jack when health and relationship issues struck, resulting in him leaving behind a career in IT and social media.

Without going into too much detail to paint the picture, ‘complicated’ hardly describes the turn of events that left Jack without a roof over his head.   From being in a comfortable position, he was now in unfamiliar circumstances, not knowing where to turn. It was a chance conversation with someone at a beach car park where he was sleeping in his car that, suggested he registered with Cornwall HomeChoice (Housing allocations) for social housing. Eventually, he was nominated and accepted a property with Ocean Housing.

Now settled in his flat, he takes pride in looking after his home. When I spoke to him, he couldn’t have been more grateful for everything that Ocean had done for him.

Now retired and positively coping with MS, Jack keeps himself motivated by being creative and fashioning clocks and other such artefacts out of driftwood for family and friends. It obviously takes a lot longer than he’d like to collect and make things but he expressed his gratitude and positivity in spite of adversity.

#housingday driftwood work in progress

New Projects!

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