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#ProudTenant – Roy rises to the challenge

Roy CollisonWhen one of our Tenant Panel members, Roy Collison, heard about #HousingDay #ProudTenant, he jotted us an email telling us of his most recent #proudtenant moment.

We’ve published his story below because we felt it just goes to show how the Tenant Involvement team have empowered him to take control and resolve a situation that was affecting his community – rather than walking away and letting someone else deal with it. (Warning – don’t read this if you are eating your lunch!)

‘On Saturday one of the tenants who lives near to us reported to me a sewage leak and asked me if I would take a look at the problem as he knew I am on the Tenants Panel.

When I got there I found a flooded pathway about 8 inches deep in sewage with toilet paper etc this was flowing down hill to another property.

The tenant asked if I would see if I could get help and I agreed.

I contacted South west Water who responded in approximately half an hour, by sending a drain cleaning company to deal with it. The operator used pressure cleaning rods and cleared what seemed to be a blockage he cleaned up after and disinfected the area, he also reported the need for a new manhole cover, this request was put through to South West Water by the operator. I was very impressed with the speed of action and the efficiency of those concerned.

I contacted South West Water today and thanked them for the prompt good service, they were very pleased to get praise rather than complaint.

It would seem that ‘tenant involvement’ with Ocean Housing is working well, in an off beat way!’

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