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Surviving Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap

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When you sign up to Universal Credit or UC (the new single benefit payment where 6 benefits become 1) a single monthly payment is paid directly to you.

This means that you will have to manage your money from the moment it arrives in your bank account.

This also means you will need to pay your own rent out of the monthly lump sum you receive. This should be your number one priority; you don’t want to risk losing your home.

If the idea of managing your money feels daunting, don’t panic, help is at hand.

Welfare Advice Team

Our friendly and helpful Welfare Advice Team have been helping tenants get to grips with these upcoming changes to the benefits system and what they need to do to be prepared for Universal Credit and the lowered Benefits Cap.


It’s really important that you tell Ocean when you have or are going to sign up to Universal Credit.

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UC Workshop

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Thinking about the future and planning ahead is key to being ready for Universal Credit and our UC Workshops help you do exactly that.

  • These FREE sessions provide crucial advice on how the new benefit system will affect you.
  • You will learn some handy budgeting skills to enable you to take control of your finances. We’ll give you helpful tips and run through user-friendly exercises on how to manage your money and prioritise your outgoings.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for UC Workshop dates or subscribe to our Mailing List for updates by email.

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Building a Buffer with the ‘Hi-£5’ initiative

Universal Credit HI-5

Our popular ‘Hi-£5’ tenant initiative was set up to help you build up a credit ‘buffer’ during the long UC application waiting period (which could mean up to 8 weeks without money).

Simply by starting now to make regular monthly £5 payments to top up your rent account, you can gradually build up a buffer on your account. A healthy rent account will help protect you from falling into arrears (and putting your home at risk) during lean times while you wait for the first UC payment.

Visit our Pay page to find a convenient way to start building your ‘buffer’ now.

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Benefits Cap changes

Starting from Autumn 2016 there will be further changes to the maximum amount of benefits that can be claimed in a year.

If you are affected by this you’ll receive a letter from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).

If you receive this letter from the DWP, don’t hesitate – visit our web pages and talk to the Welfare Advice Team for advice straight away.

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