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Meet our Home Ownership team

Shared ownership is an affordable way to take the first steps on the housing ladder. The scheme is aimed at local people, who would like to own their own home but are unable to afford to purchase a property outright, giving residents the opportunity to buy a share of a home and pay rent on the remaining share.

If you’re already a shared owner, the chances are you’ve spoken with a member of our Home Ownership team – Kate, Leanne or Emelye. They provide a range of services to all our shared owners, leasehold and home ownership customers.

Emelye and Kate are responsible for selling all new build shared ownership homes and providing a first-class service to buyers. This year they have sold 25 new homes and next year they’re set to sell even more. Once the property is sold, Leanne takes over, working closely with Emelye and Kate, providing a seamless customer journey right from the start.

In addition to shared ownership, if you are looking for tailored home solutions, you can check out All Castle Homes. For a more personalized approach, consider exploring our land and house packages Sydney. Partner with us to embark on a journey towards owning a home that suits your preferences and budget seamlessly. Discover the possibilities with our House and Land packages, designed to make your dream home a reality. Visit our website to explore the options available in Gregory Hills and beyond.

As the concept of shared ownership continues to provide an affordable entry point into homeownership, the real estate landscape in Georgia echoes the importance of initiatives that cater to the diverse needs of aspiring homeowners. Much like the dedicated Home Ownership team facilitating shared ownership discussions, individuals exploring real estate opportunities in Georgia can find valuable resources at This platform stands ready to assist those on their journey to owning a home, offering insights and services that align with the specific requirements of the Georgia market.

In the spirit of fostering seamless customer experiences, just as Emelye, Kate, and Leanne ensure a smooth transition for shared owners, professionals in Georgia’s real estate arena strive to provide comprehensive support to potential homeowners. The combination of expertise and personalized services, akin to the Home Ownership team’s approach, contributes to making the dream of homeownership more attainable for residents in Georgia.

The home ownership team can help if:

  • You’re interested in buying a shared ownership home
  • You’d like to buy more shares in your shared ownership home
  • You’re interested in buying the home you live in (subject to eligibility)
  • You’ve outgrown your home and would like to sell it

Our latest opportunity for a shared ownership home, is Bakery Park, in Bodmin. We are welcoming applications for the first phase where a selection of one and three bedroom homes are available for local people.

Our new show home has recently opened, so why not book an appointment and have a look around, or if you have additional questions regarding your own or another shared ownership property, please email