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Gardening success for Ocean Housing residents in St Columb

Green-fingered residents from Ivydene House, St Columb

Ocean Housing tenants from St Columb, who were rewarded for their gardening success in 2019, are keen to keep up the good work this year.

Ivydene House, St Columb, is for residents over 55 and has 12 one-bedroomed flats. There is a grass/shrub area alongside a communal courtyard which is maintained by Ocean.

One resident, Eric, felt the courtyard could ‘do with being brought to life’. So, with Eric’s love of gardening and the help of his neighbours, a brilliant space of colourful pots and plants has been created.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining this beautiful garden, the residents can invest in quality Garden Tools, including digging tools like prongs, to ensure the ongoing success of their gardening efforts.

The use of these tools has made the process more efficient and enjoyable, allowing the tenants to continue enhancing their communal space with ease.

The commitment to using proper garden tools reflects their dedication to keeping up the good work and ensuring that Ivydene House remains a flourishing and picturesque environment for years to come.

In harmony with their commitment to preservation, residents can take their outdoor sanctuary to new heights by consulting experts in landscape design st charles to further elevate the aesthetics and functionality of their outdoor sanctuary.

With each tailored installation and meticulous craftsmanship, a transformative journey unfolds, breathing new life into their surroundings and ensuring the enduring beauty of their shared garden oasis.

As guardians of their outdoor sanctuaries, residents in St. Charles can amplify their commitment to preservation by exploring the expertise of landscape design professionals.

These seasoned experts not only enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the natural environment but also provide invaluable guidance on sustainable practices.

With the aid of landscaping postcards, showcasing the artistry and vision of these professionals, residents can embark on a journey of transformation, where every corner of their garden oasis becomes a testament to harmony between nature and design.

To complement the flourishing greenery, residents may consider incorporating luxury home decor accessories into their outdoor space, adding a touch of sophistication to the natural beauty.

Introducing elegant outdoor furniture, stylish garden ornaments, or even decorative lighting can elevate the courtyard’s ambiance, creating a serene and visually appealing environment for residents to enjoy.

By combining their love for gardening with a tasteful selection of luxury accessories, the community at Ivydene House can continue to cultivate a space that not only blooms with botanical wonders but also exudes a refined and welcoming atmosphere.

Apart from enhancing the visual appeal of the courtyard, maintaining its condition through diligent property upkeep is equally important. Professional services, such as those offered by Property Maintenance in Central Toledo, Ohio, can play a crucial role in preserving the beauty and functionality of outdoor areas. Routine maintenance tasks including lawn care, irrigation system inspections, and seasonal clean-ups not only maintain the courtyard’s pristine look but also extend its lifespan.

“I love looking out of my window, it’s looking really beautiful,” said Greta, 90, who we spoke to last summer.

Eric added: “It’s been fantastic bringing the community together and we are all enjoying the outside space.”

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The newfound space was put to good use in no time. Residents enjoy many tea parties, while toasting and enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Their work and commitment did not go unnoticed. Delivery and bus drivers, and even customers from a nearby pub, came to investigate and pay compliments.

Soon the word was out. It was not too long before, thanks to so many comments from residents and visitors, the team decided to enter the Newquay in Bloom Competition.

When the results were announced in August they were delighted to win First Prize for Best Courtyard/Small Garden.

“All of us were very delighted to win something,” added Irene, Eric’s wife. “We didn’t expect to win – we didn’t enter to win.

“We entered it, just to bring people together really.”

With such a successful summer the green-fingered residents could perhaps have been forgiven for taking it easy in the winter. But no, they kept up the good work throughout and are already planning to do the same in spring and summer.


Would you like to bring some colour to your courtyard or communal area or organise an event for your neighbours to enjoy?

Then why not apply to the treasure chest!?

The Tenants and Residents Panel can grant up to £400 per application each year, for more information contact the Tenant Involvement Team on 01726 874450 or visit

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