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Statement: At Ocean Housing we will never tolerate racism

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Following recent events in the US and the UK, we have been watching, listening and reflecting. 

The overarching message we have heard from the black and wider BAME community is that it is not ok to remain silent.

Simply saying we are not racist or we uphold equality and won’t tolerate discrimination is no longer enough.  We must do more to understand racism and tackle it in all its forms.

At Ocean, we have always been proud of our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion and ensuring we create a fair place to work and do business with.

However, we know we can do more and we are committed to continue to support and enable diversity for our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues, tenants and customers and in the wider Housing sector.

We need to show our actions are as important as our words, we have strategies in place to improve diversity across our business, but we can do better and we will take action to do so.

This video, shared by the Australian State of Victoria, is useful to remind us that we can all take action and ‘stand up’ to racism, in any form.

Devon and Cornwall Police have zero tolerance towards hate crime. A hate crime is behaviour that is harmful, abusive, traumatising and excluding. Cornwall Council has also published further information and resources.

To report a hate crime you can call 101, email or visit

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